Known for his dreamy imagery and experimentation with photography as a means to capture a feeling, Jensen-Nagle’s new series, Sunsets and Fireworks, is a combination of techniques masterfully layered together.  

To make this body of work, he photographs inspirational sunsets, prints them large-scale in his Toronto studio, and then re-photographs them outside, setting off fireworks in their foreground, ultimately creating a celebratory effect with explosive colour palettes, breath-taking compositions and quiet moments of underlying reflection.  

Josh states, “Throughout my career nostalgia has remained a consistent theme across my work. Rather than simply documenting a reality, I strive to create a dream-like state in my imagery. With this series, I found myself reflecting on the most nostalgic moments in my life; the ritual of watching the sunset each evening and lighting off fireworks for holiday celebrations. Sunsets and Fireworks commemorates my happiest moments, celebrates life’s simple pleasures and expresses the light they have brought into my life.”

The inaugural images in this series were originally photographed in Canouan Island, Nosara, Los Angeles, Miami, Antigua, The British Virgin Islands, Mexico, Hawaii, The Bahamas and Lake Erie.