Known for his dreamy imagery and experimentation with photography as a means to capture a feeling and express emotion, Joshua’s new series, Sunsets and Fireworks, is a combination of techniques masterfully layered together.  

To make this body of work, Joshua photographs inspirational sunsets, prints them large-scale in his Toronto studio, and then re-photographs them outside, setting off fireworks in their foreground, ultimately creating a celebratory effect and moments of underlying reflection.  

He states, “Throughout the pandemic, as days, weeks and months passed, I, like many, found myself looking for pleasure in the simpler things. With my typical travel schedule no longer an option, I longed for inspiration in a world that seemed void. I took to appreciating the sunset each evening.  This series celebrates their impact on me as an artist and expresses the light they brought into my life during otherwise dark days.”

The inaugural images in this new series were originally photographed in Canouan Island, the British Virgin Islands and Nosara, Costa Rica during his first trips following the pandemic stay-at-home orders.  Jensen-Nagle will be adding this body of work as an on-going series in his practice.