Joshua Jensen-Nagle captivates the viewer with his evocative large-scale photographs, consistently acknowledged for his dreamy imagery and experimentation with photography as a means to capture and express emotion. In his series, Pieces of You, Jensen-Nagle expands on this concept by exploring details from other artists’, architects’ and designers’ work that move him on an emotional level. To date, the series is a two-part body of work, which he plans to expand on in the future.  

“As an artist, I am inspired by others who have put their ideas, unique perspective and emotions into their work and out into the world.  This body of work attempts to capture the intimate connection I feel with these artists when I experience their work and find inspiration in them.”  For the Designer Fashions body of this series, Jensen-Nagle focuses his lens on small inspirational sections of woven and printed floral patterns, abstracted from new and vintage designer garments, taking them out of their original context, glorifying them in grand photographic scale, and capturing the feeling of elation one experiences when interacting with their beautiful intricacies. The second body was photographed in Park Güell in Barcelona, and showcases Antonio Gaudi’s masterful mosaic work.  Joshua captures tiny sections of the tiled benches that run through the park, and created compositions highlighting Gaudi’s inspirational greatness.