Artist Profile

For over a decade, Joshua Jensen-Nagle has captivated the viewer with his evocative large-scale photographs. Best known for his dreamy aerial beaches, expansive ski scenes, romantic European vistas, and dramatic old-world interiors, Jensen-Nagle’s photographs of faraway places carry a strong sense of nostalgia. 


“My work explores the use of photography as a medium to create. rather than to document a reality, allowing the viewer to bring their own associations to the images. In my early work, I experimented with expired SX-70 Polaroid film, photographic prints painted, placed in glass jars, dunked in fish-tanks of coloured water and re-photographed, sometimes behind a shower of glitter or a room filled with smoke.  As of more recent years, I shoot with the latest digital technology, focusing on the materials selected for printing, mounting and framing to achieve the same dream-like quality I have become known for.  The work has naturally progressed to showcase a more modern perspective, while maintaining a unique nostalgic essence.”


Joshua bases his successful full-time art practice in Toronto, where everything is produced in his west-end studio. Having mounted over fifty exhibitions in the last 15 years, he has developed a strong standing in the art world, and is collected widely throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Highlighted art fair presence includes Photo London, Art Toronto, Art Chicago, Art Miami, NEXT Chicago, LA Art Show, Red Dot New York, Art Palm Beach, and Art Market San Francisco.  His work can also be found in corporate collections including Microsoft, Hilton Hotels, Target Canada Corporation, Maple Leaf, Cirque du Soleil and Transcontinental, among others.


Solo Exhibitions

2021   November 6th, Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto ON

2020   July 4th, Bau-Xi, Vancouver BC

2020   June 1st, Foster White, Seattle WA

2020   February 1st, Arden Gallery, Boston MA

2019   November 9th, Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto ON

2019   August, Caldwell Snyder, San Francisco CA

2019   July 13th, Bau-Xi, Vacnouver BC

2019   May 1st, Arden Gallery, Boston MA

2019   February 5th, Newzones, Calgary AB

2018   August, Arden Gallery, Boston MA

2018   June 21st, GDB II, Montreal QC 

2018   May 5th, Bau-Xi, Vancouver BC

2018   April 14th, Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto ON

2018   March 16th, Caldwell Snyder, St Helena CA

2017   June 1st, Foster White, Seattle WA

2017   March 2nd, Caldwell Snyder, San Francisco CA

2016   Nov 5th, Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto, ON

2016   July 9th, Bau-Xi, Vancouver BC

2016   May 14th, Newzones, Calgary AB

2016   Galerie De Medicis, Paris France

2015   Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto ON

2015   Galerie De Bellefeuille, Montreal QC

2014   Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto ON

2014   Newzones, Calgary AB

2013   Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto ON 

2013   Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto ON

2013   Bau-Xi , Vancouver BC

2012   Newzones, Calgary AB

2012   Galerie De Bellefeuille, Montreal QC

2012   Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto ON

2011   Bau-Xi , Vancouver BC

2010   Bau-Xi Photo,  Toronto ON

2010   Galerie De Bellefeuille, Montreal QC

2010   Newzones, Calgary AB

2009   Suzan Street Gallery, San Diego, California

2009   Edward Day Gallery, Toronto ON

2008   Newzones, Calgary AB

2008   Galerie De Bellefeuille, Montreal, QC

2008   Galerie St. Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, ON

2008   Alan Avery Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia

2008   Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, ON

2008   Anne Reed Gallery, Ketchum, Idaho

2007   Galerie De Bellefeuille, Montreal, QC

2007   Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, ON

2007   Newzones, Calgary AB

2006   Edward Day Gallery, Toronto ON

2006   Parts Gallery Contact Photography Festival Toronto, ON

2006   Up Country Gallery, Toronto ON

2004   Ryerson Gallery, Toronto, ON


Museum Exhibitions

2010  Griffin Museum, Boston MA

2008  Glenbow Museum, Calgary AB


Group Exhibitions

2018   Sunscreen: Newzones, Calgary AB 

2018   Summer Focus: Bau-Xi, Vancouver BC

2018   Resolution: Foster White, Seattle WA

2018   Perception: Newzones, Calgary AB 

2017   Photo 17: Alternative Perspectives: Anne Loucks, Glencoe IL

2016   Sounds of the Sea, Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, WA

2014   Summer Focus Series: Beaches, Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto ON

2013   Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto ON

2012   Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto ON

2011    Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto ON

2010   Gallery Stratford, Stratford ON

2010   Justiina M. Barnicke Gallery, Toronto ON

2009   Lennox Contemporary, Toronto ON

2008   Jenkins Johnston Gallery New York, NY

2008   Suzan Street Gallery, San Diego, CA

2007   Newzones, Calgary AB

2006   Galerie St. Laurent + Hill, Ottawa Ontario

2006   Newzones, Calgary AB

2006   Trinity Gallery, Atlanta Georgia

2006   FCP-Presented in association with Edward Day and Angel Gallery, Toronto

2006   Newzones, Calgary AB

2006   Galerie Goldie, Montreal Québec

2005   Edward Day Gallery, Toronto Ontario

2005   Part Gallery, Toronto Ontario

2004   T.I.W. Gallery, Toronto Ontario

2004   Presidents Exhibition Ryerson University, Toronto Ontario

2002   Blair Academy, New Jersey

2000   Bogal Gallery,  New Jersey


Art Fairs

2021   Scope Miami

2020   Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary

2019   Art Miami

2019   Scope Miami

2019   Art Toronto

2019   Art Market San Francisco

2019   Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary

2018   Art Miami

2018   Scope Miami

2018   Art Toronto

2018   Photo London

2018   Art Market San Francisco

2017   Context - Art Miami

2017   Scope Miami

2017   Art Toronto

2017   Photo London

2016   Art Palm Beach

2016   Context - Art Miami

2016   Art Toronto

2016   Art Market San Francisco

2016   Art Miami New York

2016   Art Palm Beach

2015   Context - Art Miami

2015   Art Toronto

2015   Art Miami New York

2015   Art Market San Francisco

2014   Toronto International Art Fair

2014   Art Market San Francisco

2014   Dallas Art Fair

2013   Toronto International Art Fair

2013   Art Market San Francisco

2013   Dallas Art Fair

2012   Toronto International Art Fair

2012   Art Market San Francisco

2012   Dallas Art Fair

2011   Toronto International Art Fair

2011   Art Chicago

2011   Dallas Art Fair

2010   Toronto International Art Fair

2010   Art Chicago

2010   Dallas Art Fair

2009   Toronto International Art Fair

2009   Art Chicago

2009   LA Art Show

2008   Toronto International Art Fair

2008   Palm Beach 3

2008   Bridge Miami

2008   Red Dot London

2008   NEXT Chicago

2008   Red Dot New York

2008   LA Art Show

2007   Toronto International Art Fair

2007   Art Chicago

2007   Red Dot New York

2007   LA Art Show

2006   Bridge Miami

2006   Art 212, New York

2006   AAF Contemporary Art Fair, New York

2006   Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

2005   Toronto International Art Fair

2005   Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition



2019    Splash, Toronto ON

2019    Art With Heart, Toronto ON

2019    Waterkeeper, Toronto ON

2019    Art Gems, Toronto ON

2019    Teddy Bear Affair, Toronto ON

2018    Waterkeeper, Toronto ON

2018    Art Gems, Toronto ON

2018    Teddy Bear Affair, Toronto ON

2017    Waterkeeper, Toronto ON

2017    Art Gems, Toronto ON

2016    Buy Art Not Kids, Toronto ON

2016    Art With Heart, Toronto ON

2016    Arts Umbrella, Toronto ON

2016    Art Gems, Toronto ON

2016    Waterkeeper, Toronto ON

2015    Art Gems, Toronto ON

2015    Waterkeeper, Toronto ON

2014    Nyota Auction, Toronto ON

2013    Art with Heart, Toronto ON

2012    Snap Live Auction, Toronto ON

2011    Art with Heart, Toronto ON

2007    Art With Heart, Toronto ON

2007    Snap Live Auction, Toronto ON



2022   Globe and Mail Style, March

2020   SADA Seattle Art Dealers Association, June

2020   HOME Immobilier Paris, March/April

2019   ZOOM Photographic Art Magazine #255, April

2018   House and Home, May

2018   Toronto Life, April

2017   Seattle Met, June

2017   SADA Seattle Art Dealers Association, June

2017   House Notes, Soho House London, May

2016   Fashion Magazine, November

2016   Art In America, October (Art Miami)

2016   Preview, June/July/August

2013   Canadian Art

2012   Toronto Home Magazine, Spring Issue

2012   Harpers

2010   Photo Life

2010   Now Magazine Dec.

2010   Toronto Star, July 8

2010   Galleries West, Spring 2010

2009   Flash Forward -2009

2009   Canadian H+H Artists File Nov.

2009   Mirror Vol. 25 No. 08

2009   enROUTE  May 1

2008   FFWD  July 08

2008   The Wood River Journal,  March 14

2007   Contact Magazine  May 1-31

2007   Now Magazine  May 3 Issue 1391

2007   Swerve Magazine March 24

2007   Exposure Feb 1-31

2007   Preview, March-February

2007   Swerve Magazine Jan 26

2007   Calgary Herald, Feb

2006   FWWD  Vol 11 No. 35

2006   Toronto Life June Issue

2006   Swerve Magazine July 21

2006   Globe and Mail Feb. 16

2006   Canadian Art, Volume 22 Number 4

2005   Now Magazine, Issue 1232

2004   Function Magazine, Issue 5

2003   MacLean’s; August 25th

2002   Slant Review; Issue 4


Selected Corporate Collections

Microsoft - Lincoln Square

Hilton Hotels

Target Canada Corporation

First Energy Petroleum Ltd

Master Card International


Elgan Corporation


Ryerson University

Maple Leaf

McCarthy Tetrault

Le Cirque du Soleil




Rogan Investment Management

L.V. Lomas

Four Seasons

The Keg



1999-2004   BFA Ryerson University, Image Arts, Photographic Studies